The aim of this film is to highlight the devastating effect that America's drug overdose and opioid abuse epidemic is having on its teens and young adults.

Opioid addiction affects people of all races, ages and socio-economic status’. It isn’t always obvious and it often isn’t until too late that other people realize what’s going on. Despite this, we continue to see opioid awareness efforts like the 2016 ‘All American Girl’ campaign, which aired during the Super Bowl, depict those suffering from opioid addiction in a very stereotypical, almost judgmental, light- demonstrating or exaggerating many of the negative external effects and behaviors associated with addiction while ignoring the inner torment experienced by those suffering from it.

The film highlights just how painful and overwhelming it can be to overcome an addiction to opioids and why this is an issue we need to be paying attention to.

We want everyone to understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. That this epidemic was largely set off by the over-prescription of legal opioid painkillers.

We hope that by showing the pain of addiction in a slightly different light we can encourage a greater level of empathy towards those suffering because of this epidemic.