Help currently available for those suffering from opioid abuse or addiction

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  • National Naloxone Map- find where to obtain overdose-reversal drug 'naloxone' in your area

  • Recovery and treatment centers near you- find your location on this interactive map to see treatment centers, counsellors and sober living facilities near you

  • Facing Addiction- an extensive resource hub for anyone suffering from addiction, or for anyone whose loved one is

  • Addiction Recovery Guide- find online addiction counseling

  • Addiction Specialist- find in-person substance abuse therapy near you

  • Find a Therapist- find a therapist near you (not addiction specific)

  • TalkSpace- online therapy and support networks (not addiction specific)

  • Recovery.Org- recovery forum for those suffering from drug addiction as well as friends and family members of someone who is

  • The Fix- recovery blogs, rehab reviews and news articles

  • Growing Up Chaotic- support and advice for the friends and families of those suffering from addiction as well as support for survivors of abuse

  • Recovery Cartel- Blog, podcast and family recovery information center

  • Utah Naloxone- Information on where to get Naloxone in Utah, as well as instructional videos on how to administer naloxone and recognize an opioid overdose

  • Celebrating Lost Loved Ones- online, interactive memorial map where users can remember loved ones lost to opioid addiction

Naloxone information and training courses