Homeless Health Care Los Angeles (HHCLA) is a non-profit, community-based organization founded in 1985 with the mission of providing innovative strategies for reducing the impact of homelessness in the communities of LA County. The organization’s focus is on overdose prevention, street outreach, harm reduction services, substance use treatment, behavioral health care treatment, health services, and housing. HHCLA historically serves the most disenfranchised and highest risk populations in Los Angeles. Over 150,000 homeless men, women, and their children have received services to date.

HHCLA and naloxone

HHCLA has been pioneering awareness and education about naloxone for years. They currently provide naloxone training courses to their clients through their Overdose Prevention Program but they also understand and emphasize the importance of the drug to the general population. Specifically, teens and young adults, who are now experiencing one of the fastest growing rates of new heroin and opioid users.

We have chosen to join with HHCLA to spread their message about naloxone to a wider audience.

To date, HHCLA have distributed over 3,000 doses of naloxone and saved over 1,000 lives through the program.

 In 2015 alone, over 600 of their clients reported reversing an overdose and saving a life.

Often, being saved by Naloxone can be the catalyst to someone deciding to get clean and change their life.

The video below shows HHCLA staff saving a life with Narcan.

It only takes 20 minutes of training to understand how to administer naloxone. 20 Minutes to know how to save the life of a family member, a friend, a co-worker or a stranger who is experiencing an overdose caused by prescription narcotics or heroin.  

You can learn more about Homeless Health Care Los Angeles and their Overdose Prevention Program at www.hhcla.org