How You Can Help

Hold an awareness Event

  • At your school or college campus- click here (and scroll to the middle of the page) for tips on how to hold an informal discussion as well as videos to screen, ideas on who to invite and discussion guidelines. Or click here for a list of downloadable, age-specific guidelines for both students and teachers wanting to hold a discussion or awareness event about prescription drug misuse at school or on campus.

  • At your local community centre- download Facing Addiction's 'Community Convening Guide' here to learn how.
  • At home- click here for Facing Addiction's step by step guide to starting compassionate conversations about drugs and addiction over dinner.

Start a conversation

  • With a friend, family member or co-worker suffering from addiction- click here for tips on how to start and maintain healthy dialogue.


  • For naloxone distribution in your community- click here for tools, tips and resources.

Become an Activist

  • Through Facing Addiction's 'Addiction Activist Program' here


You can donate to Homeless Health Care Los Angeles and support all of the work they do, including their overdose prevention program here